Disinfection, Disinsectization, Rodent Extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A.
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The COMPANY INOIL SERVICE provides disinsectization, disinfection, building management services etc., with consistency and immediacy.


The company INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens, undertakes disinsectizations with consistency and professionalism.


We undertake the disinfection of your premises with special cold fogging devices, using approved formulations.

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Disinfection, Disinsectization, Rodent Extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A.
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Disinfections - Disinsectizations - Rodent extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens

The company INOIL SERVICE S.A. is based in Athens and operates in disinfections, disinsectizations and rodent extermination since 1993, with consistency and professionalism.

We recognize our responsibility towards our customers by constantly striving for our continuous improvement and adjustment to the ever-changing demands of the market. All the operational procedures of our company are conducted with absolute dedication.

The aim of INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens is to provide high quality services and to continuously meet the requirements of our customers. Our efforts do not stop upon making a sale, but continue until we ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers with the results of our work.
Trained and experienced staff
Use of approved formulations
We recognize our responsibility towards our employees, so we respect their effort and recognize their contribution to our successful course. We reward their every initiative for our improvement, and we make sure that they work in a pleasant and safe environment.

Finally, we recognize our responsibility towards our partners and all those who helped us get here. We constantly strive to meet their expectations.

INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens provides:

  • Immediate and excellent results with the use of case-specific formulations
  • Applications based on many years of experience and continuous updating on modern methods for disinsectization, disinfection and rodent extermination.
  • Respect for the environment and the user, with the use of approved formulations by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and with the implementation of applications under the supervision of the scientific expert (Agronomist).
  • All pesticides are odourless, colourless, non-corrosive and absolutely harmless to children and pets.
  • Disinfection certificate and pesticide file
  • Immediate response and results guarantee

Call us NOW for a free visit to your premises, wherever in Athens you are, to recommend the program that suits your premises and so that you get to know our new VERY ECONOMICAL PRICES, in line with the generally predominant financial situation.

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