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Rodent extermination
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Disinfection, Disinsectization, Rodent Extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A.
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Rodent extermination | INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens

INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens undertakes rodent extermination immediately and effectively.

The aim of rodent extermination is, on the one hand, to control any kind of rodent that enters or may be present at a site and, on the other hand, to take preventive measures to control recurrence.

Rodents pose a health risk and economic risk (destruction and deterioration of product quality, destruction of buildings and electrical installations, infectious disease carriers)

Containment and control of rodents consists of the following steps:

Examination of the installation and creation of a protective network of special bait stations with the necessary specifications (EPA), at sites where baits are prohibited (e.g. restaurant kitchens), special mechanical rodent trapping stations are installed.

The bait stations have a lid and a safety key, while they contain baits placed securely on a metal rod, so that the rodent cannot carry them outside. In addition, they prevent access to the rodenticide by pets, humans and children, as well as its deterioration due to weather conditions resulting in a decrease in attractiveness to the rodent.