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Disinfection, Disinsectization, Rodent Extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A.
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Repulsion of Birds - Reptiles | INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens

The company INOIL SERVICE S.A.., based in Athens, provides:


During the summer period, we often face the prospect of reptiles entering a site (vacation home, camp, industrial unit, etc.) By creating protection zones around the premises, using specially approved formulations at the appropriate time period, we prevent the entry of reptiles after taking care of their repulsion.

There is a variety of options for repellent formulations, such as:

  • In liquid form
  • In granular form
  • In the form of impregnated chips

All formulations have a high residual capacity and are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food.


Pigeons create problems in premises, from both a sanitary and an aesthetic point of view. They are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, cause damage to monuments and buildings, create an unsightly image, stench and noise.

The methods used to repel pigeons are mainly aimed at preventing birds from accessing places they use either as observatories, such as roof protrusions, window sills, statues, monuments, beams, or for nests in the eaves of buildings, skylights, etc.

There is a variety of options for repellents, such as mounting:

  • deterrent spikes
  • special mesh (net)
  • special spurs

The appropriate method is selected after research carried out by professional staff. There are models with spikes and a stainless steel base or specially treated polycarbonate with resistance to solar radiation. The opening of the spikes reaches up to 16cm. They are specially designed, so as to retain their original form and not injure the pigeons. Their mounting is done in such a way that they are not visible from a distance of a few meters.

The net is made of polyethylene, processed so as not to be destroyed by solar radiation, and has a life span of more than ten years.