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Mattress Cleaning | INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens

The mattress is the dirtiest place inside the house. Despite the fact that we spend almost half our time on it, we never clean it.

The main cause of mattress fouling is mite, which feed on shed dead skin cells and other bodily secretions/fluids (sweat, saliva, blood, etc.). Mite, and more specifically mite residue, are the main source of allergies nowadays.

For this reason, it is imperative to carry out a thorough cleaning of the mattress at least once a year by special methods.

For the cleaning of mattresses, our company uses methods with special equipment and approved organic-ecological products.

In hotels, the cleaning of all mattresses at least once a year has become mandatory by law (Official Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic 3387/Issue AA 4.27/20-10-2016)

Technical Description of Proposed Works

  • Ecological biocleaning of mattresses using the Hoover Royal system: Hoovering the mattress with simultaneous shaking thousands of times per minute, resulting in the absorption from the inside of the mattress of all allergens and microparticles located inside the mattresses and on all fibrous surfaces, achieving a perfect and deep cleaning.
  • Antiallergic protection of mattresses: Spraying of mattresses using the only biocidal repellent of mite, bedbugs and fleas that is approved for mattresses. This biocidal product inhibits the growth of mite, bedbugs and fleas, while neutralizing long-term the allergen loads caused by the mite and their excrement.
  • Ecological stain removal of mattresses: There are mattresses burdened with urine, blood, vomit, yellowing, sweat, mould, etc., as well as food/beverage residue. We can treat all the above stains using the most advanced technology of ecological cleaning (Microsplitting), which does not contain chemicals and does not leave chemical residues of surfactants, soaps, bleaches, etc. For the ecological stain removal of your mattresses using the Microsplitting technology, written certification of zero chemical footprint is provided.

Advantages of the Allerg-STOP Professionals certification

  • The certification of cleaning and antiallergic protection of hotel mattresses Allerg-STOP Professionals exceeds the requirements of the Official Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic 3387/Issue AA 4.27/20-10-2016.
  • Provision of a new specialized service by your hotel to your customers, i.e. customers are informed through the certificate that the hotel provides mattresses with eco-cleaning and anti-allergic protection certification in seven languages.
  • Creation of a strong competitive advantage by also utilizing the electronic certification Allerg-STOP that we provide to you.
  • You will now have completely happy and satisfied customers who will submit very positive feedback to TripAdvisor, booking.com, as well as other electronic media, even during their stay at the hotel, dramatically raising your business rating regarding the comfort and cleanliness they enjoy.
  • Potential customer complaints about allergic symptoms or bites during their stay are eliminated.
  • Protection against possible judicial appeals of customers concerning the cleanliness and hygiene of the hotel's mattresses.
Certification of services rendered
Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001:2015 and fully implements all required inspections to ensure the quality of the services it provides.