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Issuance of Shared charges | INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens

All apartment owners and tenants in apartment buildings want to know in detail their share of expenses for the apartment building.

INOIL SERVICE S.A. based in Athens, ensures this capability. It issues the shared charges with a simple understandable system in elegant forms and delivers them immediately (even on the same day*) to your preferred address.

Our forms include:

  • Aggregated statements in duplicate with full analysis of shared charges for millimeters of hours of autonomous heating and boiler.
  • Notices to tenants - owners with detailed explanation of shared charges.
  • Separate receipts for tenants - owners.

In apartment buildings with an autonomous heating system

INOIL SERVICE S.A. has established an autonomous heating analysis system for each apartment, so that the tenant has the ability to verify the value of his/her consumption.

INOIL SERVICE S.A. relieves the manager of the duty to calculate the hours of consumption and the oil consumed.

With an accompanying document, the company calculates, based on the indications, the hours that correspond to each apartment, and, using a detailed and comprehensible table, it calculates how much oil was consumed and the quantity and value of oil remaining in the tank. This relieves the manager of the obligation to keep a separate oil record book.

You can assign the issuance of shared charges to us by filling in our online form or by phone from 8:00 to 17:00.

*for specific areas and for orders placed by 10:00.