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The control of insects and rodents is necessary, since they are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms and can have negative effects on Public Health. In addition, their existence causes destruction of the product, defamation of the business, as well as legal penalties.

For businesses that process or manage food in any way, our company offers solutions based on the requirements referred to in Directive 43/93 of the European Union, the hygiene directives of the Hellenic Food Authority, the HACCP system - ISO 22000, the Greek and International Legislation on matters of "Insect & Pest Control (Council Directive 93/43/EEC, Joint Ministerial Decision 487/Official Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic 1219/Issue Β/4-10-2000).

Applications of integrated programmes for disinsectization – rodent extermination in business premises are proposed and implemented (factories, patisseries, restaurants, catering, hotels, banks, etc.). The frequency of applications is determined depending on the type of business, the parasitological problems lurking and their frequency of occurrence in the premises.

The pesticides we use are effective, non-toxic and environmentally and user-friendly. They do not leave stains or smells, they have a high residual effect and are harmless to public health.


If a program of disinsectization and rodent extermination applications is maintained, with a signed annual contract, you are provided with a disinsectization - rodent extermination file that includes:

  • Floor plan of the installation with marking of bait stations
  • Approvals by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food of the pesticides used
  • Description - Prospectus and safety data sheets of the pesticides used
  • Contract with the rodent extermination - disinsectization company
  • Rodent extermination - disinsectization Inspection sheets (the results of the trap inspections are recorded - the negative results are also recorded)
  • Inspection certificate of disinsectization-rodent extermination application
  • License of the scientific officer and the company to control insects and rodents.
  • Techno-economic study (bid) of our company
  • Application reports.

After each application, a health report of findings and proposals of necessary actions is drawn up, signed by our company's agronomist with a complete computerized system for monitoring and updating the disinsectization - rodent extermination file.

The file certifies the implementation of a pesticide programme at your site to the competent health inspection bodies (Hellenic Food Authority, etc.).

Its existence is necessary and provides a complete picture of the problems that come up and their frequency, the proposed solutions and the chemical methods used.

In case of signing an agreement for pest control applications, any appearance of pests at your business premises is treated with a repeat application at no extra charge, as long as the hygiene standards of the Hellenic Food Authority are observed and the instructions given by us are followed.

Our company emphasizes: The integrated programme should include a combination of preventive measures and control methods.