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Disinfection, Disinsectization, Rodent Extermination INOIL SERVICE S.A.
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Burner Maintenance | INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens


The timely and proper maintenance of the burner offers economy in oil consumption, reduces the chances of damage during the winter, reduces pollutant emission into the environment and is mandatory by law.

INOIL SERVICE S.A. in Athens, with its experienced technicians - licensees of the Ministry of Industry:

  • Ensures the cleaning of the boiler and the guaranteed maintenance of the burner and provides an official inspection sheet (Athens Environmental Pollution Control Program).
  • Promptly and responsibly addresses any problem that may arise in the functioning of the burner and in the autonomous system, during the winter.
  • Undertakes the replacement of old burners and the installation of new, modern technology burners, depending on the needs and capabilities of the apartment building.

INOIL SERVICE S.A. undertakes the cleaning of the oil tank. It pumps the crude oil, the experienced technical staff thoroughly cleans the inside of the tank and replaces with burning oil at the same time.